Matt Chamberlain & Brian Haas - Prometheus Risen - Vinyl Artist Series

Matt Chamberlain & Brian Haas - Prometheus Risen {link to purchase}

Prometheus Risen is a free-flowing, no-holds-barred, in-the-moment encounter based on daredevil instincts, a shared arranger’s aesthetic and mutual trust. While all the keyboard parts, Moog bass lines, ambient washes, textures, loops and huge groove playing on the kit might suggest a precisely-crafted project involving multiple layers of overdubbing and tons of post-production work, the entire album was in fact done live in the studio. Together on Prometheus Risen, Chamberlain and Haas present spontaneous composition at its finest.  

The Vinyl Guide's "Vinyl Artist Series" episodes showcases new artists who have committed themselves to the vinyl record format. These are totally independent artists who wish to share their music and hopefully encourage listeners to pick up their music on vinyl.