We know, Podcasting can be confusing...

To make it a bit easier, here's a quick-start guide to Subscribe & listen to "The Vinyl Guide" podcast.

A "podcast" is like a radio show made specifically to play on a mobile device or computer. In the early days (like 5 years ago) these broadcasts were originally made to download on Apple iPods, thus the name "podcast", but now you can listen on a smartphone, tablet, computer or most any web browser.

You can use specially designed software on your device to download and listen to podcast episodes just like songs on an album. If you enjoy a podcast and want to hear further episodes you can 'subscribe' to that podcast, and, whenever a new episode is available, it will automatically download into your player anywhere in the world. You'll never miss a bit of it.

Below is a guide on how to get started. Start at the top and follow the questions for your specific device. There you can find the best way to enjoy "The Vinyl Guide" podcast. Cheers!